Nearly 14,000 to be vaccinated in first phase at Vadodara

With Covid-19 vaccine expected to reach the city soon, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) health department is gearing up to ensure that it is administered without hiccups to health workers and doctors in the city. It has already started preparing a data base of such persons.

VMC officials said that the storage of vaccines barring a couple of those that need extremely low temperatures should not be a problem. The urban health centers (UHC) of the civic body have ice-lined freezers to store vaccines. They are used widely for the universal vaccination programme.

The civic body presently is focusing on ensuring that an exhaustive list of healthcare workers and professionals is prepared. These will include those from both the public and private sectors. Till last week, 13,700 persons were added to the list and the number is being updated.

“Each refrigerator to store vaccines at the UHC level has a capacity of 225 litres. This is sufficient to cater to the needs as we do not expect huge stocks of vaccine to come at the same time,” said VMC’s medical officer (health) Dr Devesh Patel.

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Nearly 14,000 to be vaccinated in first phase at Vadodara

Last Updated : 19 Dec 2020