Integrated HMIS Project in Vadodara City

The integrated Hospital Management Information System being developed for Vadodara Smart City Development Limited (VSCDL) consists of 3 major components

ü  Web Portal to be used by all citizens of Vadodara.

ü  ANM web application and mobile application to be used by field health workers.

ü  HMIS application to be used by all types of facility users whether they belong to UPHC, Private or govt. hospitals.

The web portal is the single point of entry to all the applications for all the users after proper authentication.

The entire system will be hosted in cloud environment to ensure 99.95% availability and scalability of platform both vertically and horizontally and managing the infrastructure cost effectively.

The major roles of citizens in the web portal will be to view and update their Electronic Medical Record, update family details, request for copies of birth and death certificates. Every citizen will be identified by unique health ID which will be created based on the unique photo id proof of the citizen.

All the community-based facility users like ASHA, ANM’s primary responsibility will be to capture health and disease related data for all citizens, their surroundings for water-borne and vector-borne diseases and identify the various government schemes to which these family members are entitled to, validate the citizens asking for new registration or requesting for data update.

The HMIS application will be primarily used by Facility based users in all UPHCs, Government Hospitals and Private Hospitals to capture Health related diagnosis, and Investigations of all the citizens of Vadodara.

The modules included in HMIS are as follows: Registration, Appointment, Nursing and IPD including OT, Doctor’s Desk(OPD), Laboratory, Radiology, Billing, Referral Management, Doctor and Nurse Roster, Finance and Account, Asset Management, Medicine and Store Management.

The health-related data captured by both the ANM application and HMIS will help the VMC internal users to get a summarized transparent health related output for all citizens of Vadodara; which helps in taking necessary preventive measures and effective decisions for the welfare of the society. This summary of heath record can be viewed through various reports and customized dashboard where all health-related performance monitoring KPI(s) will be highlighted across zones, UPHC and area wise.

Apart from web components of the project; a mobile application will help on-field workers to capture health related data for citizens on-the-go.

The data captured by Health-Care facilities will help the integration of the web-based solution with various state, national level programs and online portals via API call or excel upload. The list of Initiatives and applications/ programs are listed below.

Integrated HMIS Project in Vadodara City